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You keep your rose-colored glasses in easy reach, Pisces, but starting this Monday, January 2, they might become your permanent viewfinder. Well, at least until January 26, while ardent Venus wings through Aquarius and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. (AKA “the Pisces house.”) Tap into your fertile imagination to turn your bedroom game into a cinematic experience that you probably should NOT capture on camera.

Potential is an aphrodisiac for you during this four-week cycle—but will it actualize? You’ll do everything in your power to champion people’s dreams now. But remind yourself (often!) that it’s up to THEM to cross the finish line. Make sure your caring isn’t creeping into codependent terrain—a red flag being that you are losing sleep over one of their issues…while they seem generally unbothered or unwilling to make a change.

Were you caught in a bad romance…and still not over it? In that case, please take aforementioned rosy specs OFF. Venus in your twelfth house can inspire healing, whether that’s work you do on your own or with a therapist or another professional. Look at the quality of your key relationships and whether they’re bringing you more joy or pain. If it’s more of the latter than the former, slowly but surely jettison them from your social rotation. Since the twelfth house is associated with compassion and charity, organize the keepers of your inner circle for a volunteering project. Add a social element, like a potluck dinner where you brainstorm on what your next community outreach might be.


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Another romantic reboot arrives on Friday, January 6 as the first of 2023’s two full moons in Cancer sets the stage for two weeks of passionate playtime. For single Pisces, a heart-opening connection could really take root. But you might need to screw up your courage and make the first gesture; or suggest a next step. If there isn’t anyone on your radar, get a bigger screen! Stop fishing in the same creek and check out new turf. This might involve downloading a different dating app and treating it like a serious pursuit instead of something you half-heartedly check out while you’re waiting in the Trader Joe’s checkout line. Ask a friend to style you and snap some well-lit photos. Put real thought and heart into your profile.

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